In my research I mostly deal with the field of artificial intelligence, knowledge and reasoning representation, and, in particular, formal modeling of legal reasoning.

Initially my academic work focused on the utilization of uncertain expert systems in credit granting decisions. As a result of my research in this area, I obtained my doctoral degree in Computer Science. Then my academic interests shifted to legal decision support systems and, further on, to formal modeling of knowledge and legal reasoning as well as argumentation, on which I have been working since.

Currently, my research continues in four main areas:

  • Formal representation of informal mechanisms of reasoning and argumentation. I have created a model of a’fortiori reasoning, instrumental reasoning, and argument from social importance; I have also developed a mechanism of detecting and resolving conflicts between legal rules. Most abovementioned models were created with the view to including them in one of the existing structured argumentation networks.
  • Modeling teleological and value-based reasoning. The major objective of the project has been to develop a formal framework allowing for the implementation of an artificial autonomous agent, able to autonomously self himself/herself a goal and undertake actions leading to the realization of these goals, taking into consideration the environment of his/her operation. Research carried out to date has made it possible to create a framework of such a system and the mechanism of autonomous goal setting by the agent.
  • Formal modeling of legal interpretations. The aim of this project (completed in cooperation with Michał Araszkiewicz M.A., Ph.D.) is to create a formal model of legal interpretation and include it in the comprehensive structured argumentation network. Research results obtained so far include a model of teleological interpretation and a semi-formal model of the interpretive agent.
  • Intelligent security management for mobile devices. The project (completed with Bogdan Księżopolski M.Sc., Ph.D. and Michał Mokkas M.Sc.) is aimed at the implementation of the security level evaluation system for mobile devices.